About PurseFind

Is this a real site?
Yes, we are a site affiliated with eBay, helping you find deals!

Are you a Merchant?
No, PurseFind.com is not a merchant and therefore does not carry any inventory.

Why would I use your site versus going to eBay?
PurseFind.com simplifies the handbag browsing and finding experience. We believe we can save you time and ensure that you can find what you're looking for faster. By allowing you to filter by various features, you can browse by:

  • Popular handbags(based on bids)
  • Highest price(potentially rare and limited edition bags)
  • Ending Soon(Deals ending soonest to ensure you dont miss out)

Is there a possibility for fraud?
Your trust is important to PurseFind.com. Because we understand this, we only displays handbag deals from Top Rated Sellers to ensure the deals are coming from trusted and experienced sellers.

How else am I protected?
If you find out that the bag you've purchased is not authentic, eBay will refund the purchase price (plus shipping). Thanks to the Buyer Protection Program, purchasing high-end handbags on eBay just got a lot safer.

How do I know if the handbag is a fake?
Outside of PurseFind doing its best to reveal the best deals, we trust that you will do your due diligence in research, and communicating with the seller any questions you may have to help you feel 100% safe in buying that beautiful bag.

Can I sell my Handbag on eBay?
Sure you can! This is a great way to help make some money back for that new bag, AND help another girl find that bag she's been looking for at the same time!

Can PurseFind.com help promote my eBay listing?
We are looking for ways to help you sell your 'pre-loved' handbag. The PurseFind.com is always looking for input and feedback - keep a lookout for new features that will help you find and sell handbags on Pursefind.com!